Welches sind die Werte von Froriep?

Diligence and commitment

We work tirelessly for our clients, bringing all our resources, our knowledge and our expertise to bear on their behalf. We don’t back away from seemingly intractable challenges. We are forensic about legal detail, but we also keep in mind the bigger picture. We tend to think about a client’s business as if it were our own business.

Passion and energy

We apply ourselves to our job with the energy that our clients deserve and today’s international legal world demands. We are passionate about our sectors and specialisations. We get involved in conferences, lectures, and academic studies, we sit on boards and committees, we comment on legislative changes, we write and we publish.

Openness and transparency

We’ve maintained a spirit of openness for more than 40 years, always ready to consider new ideas and innovations, always prepared to pioneer a legal approach or solution if it could help our clients. Always open, and never less than transparent in our dealings with our clients and between ourselves.

Collaboration and teamwork

We share ideas and pool expertise instinctively to build the cohesive, multi-disciplined and multilingual teams demanded by today’s clients. We collaborate with a freedom and fluidity that few Swiss law firms – we believe – can match. So our clients know that the right skills will be at their disposal, quickly and efficiently.

Practicality and pragmatism

We are not fans of long emails or legal jargon. We prefer to give our clients the very best advice, simply and clearly, in a language that’s readily understood. Clarifying the legal basis of a client’s issue is merely our first step. We want to focus on workable solutions and practical plans of action. The more complex the law is, the more value we can bring to a client by being down-to-earth and pragmatic.