Event | Outsmart pitfalls of decentralised working | 20.11.2018

23. Oktober 2018

FRORIEP and TRUST SQUARE proudly invite you to our co-hosted event:

Outsmart pitfalls of decentralised working

Technology brings the world closer together and opens up new ways to interact. This proximity is only virtual, however, as people are in fact dispersed around the globe and interacting with each other in a decentralised manner. This development also affects the working world. Even a small enterprise can attract talents on a global basis and bring its idea forward fast by accessing human intelligence on demand. Sometimes these sorts of loose collaborations even evolve in ecosystems with multiple participants.

The Disruptive Technologies team of FRORIEP will present some of the pitfalls of decentralised working schemes and provide guidance on how to outsmart them. 

Event Program

  • Decentralised collaboration - employee, service provider or (automated) simple partnership?
  • Work results - do you get what you paid for?

Date and Time

FRORIEP is proud to name itself as corporate partner of the Zurich blockchain hub "Trust Square", helping Switzerland to become a leading country for blockchain technology. Together with our cooperation partner Rentsch Partner, who are also partners of the Trust Square blockchain hub, FRORIEP is looking forward to this exciting journey.