Ansgar Schott: Webcast Q&As on EMIR vs. Dodd-Frank Reporting, Extra Territoriality

Webcast Q&A on Key OTC Derivatives Reporting, Extra-Territoriality & Other Practical Issues Per EMIR vs. Dodd-Frank

“Back-to-Back” Webcast Roundtables 2 April 2014 (Recorded):


Webcast #1 (General High-Level Discussion/Debate); and

Webcast #2 (Granular as to EMIR & Dodd-Frank (Title VII) Re-porting)


Along with Members of the Cross-Border Group, existing/prospective clients of K&L Gates, FRORIEP and message Automation might be well-served to review the recorded back-to-back complimentary Webcasts as to the practical issues facing buy- and sell-side firms on both sides of the Pond as they seek to comply with EMIR and Dodd-Frank (Title VII).


Indeed, this high-level discussion and debate went well beyond mere reci-tation of mandate specifics and addressed in an interactive forum the im-pact the continually developing EU Member State interpretations might have as to the new EMIR reporting requirements and extra-territoriality/ other nettlesome issues, as well as both developments & differences under both regulatory regimes.


In the first Webcast, CBG and messageAutomation’s COO D. Farmery co-moderated a (remote) panel of K&L Gates’ Partners S. Donovan-Smith (London) and M. McGrath (Boston), as well as A. Schott of the Swiss law firm FRORIEP, who offered their unique and relevant insight, perspective & general “take aways” for UK/EU and U.S./ non-EU Market Participants SWAPs Dealers/other OTC derivatives par-ticipants, clearing firms, etc.


In the second Webcast, Sean, Michael and Ansgar added their business- oriented thoughts to David’s more granular presentation from the per-spective of a software vendor which has to date successfully provided its EMIR reporting product to a little less than a dozen firms, as well as doing a bit of comparison to observed trends as to Dodd-Frank (Title VII).


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To attend this webcast “live” or to receive a web link to the recording, please email the head of CBG (