Benjamin Dürig Speaker an der Konferenz "Cryptocurrencies & tokens - what does the law say about them?" in Seoul

28. November 2017

Froriep Counsel Benjamin Dürig referiert zum Thema "Cryptocurrencies & tokens - what does the law say about them?" an einer Konferenz am 15. Dezember 2017 im Grand Convention Center in Seoul.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies/ digital currencies and (utility) tokens are providing new ways of carrying out international commerce and trade. Everyone from Bill Gates to Rand Paul and Al Gore agrees that blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokens have the potential to be massive game changers in the global economy.

As often happens, legal and regulatory systems lag behind new technology, and struggle to catch up to new developments. Some governments see cryptocurrencies and tokens as an opportunity for innovation, others see them as a threat, while still others remain skeptical.

This seminar will explore and compare regulatory environments in several different legal jurisdictions: Korea, USA, China & Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, and Estonia. All of them have been active sites of the sale and purchase of coins and tokens, exchanges and initial offerings. With the support of TokenPost, Korea’s largest blockchain media outlet, HMP Law has invited expert lawyers from each country to outline their current legal frameworks and future outlooks. After the individual presentations, a panel of people active in the Korean cryptocurrency and token space will discuss experiences and perspectives about dealing with those different legal systems and guidelines.


Korea - Chan-sik Ahn, Partner, HMP Law
USA - Lee A. Schneider, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery   
Japan - Masakazu Masujima, Partner, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
Switzerland - Benjamin Dürig, Counsel, Froriep Legal
Estonia - Dr. Marko Kairjak, Partner, TGS Baltic
China & Hong Kong – Partner, Sumit Indwar, Linklaters Hong Kong

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