Julie Wynne Referentin an der IILWG und Grunin Center Konferenz

29. Mai 2018

Julie Wynne will participate on 5 and 6 June 2018 in New York as speaker to the Impact Investing Legal Working Group (IILWG)/Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship’s 2018 Conference on “Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing – in the US and Beyond  which will take place at NYU School of Law in New York City. 

The themes of this year’s conference include: (i) Embedding Impact into Deal Structures and Terms, (ii) Policy and Regulation of Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship, (iii) Blending and Scaling Capital for Impact, (iv) Building Investment-Ready Social Enterprises and (v) Mainstreaming Impact.

On 5 June 2018, Julie Wynne will chair a panel on Developing Policy and Regulatory Incentives for Social Impact with Barbara Day, former General Counsel, Overseas Private Investment  Corporation (OPIC),  Jessica Galimberti, Assistant General Counsel, ACCION International,  Steve Glickman, Co‐founder and CEO, Economic Innovation Group, Bertrand Mariaux, Partner, Mariaux Avocats, Luxembourg, and Michael Schrader, Partner, Orrick, Sutcliffe & Herrington. The panel will review recent legislative initiatives and regulations  supporting the impact investing and social entrepreneurship sector and  describe how they have been designed or influenced through the strong  involvement of legal practitioners, impact investors and other  stakeholders. It will discuss in particular the key factors that make it  possible to go from an idea to a new law or regulation, insights on how to  collaborate effectively with policy‐makers, and how to have legislative or  regulatory initiatives endorsed by a variety of stakeholders.

On 6 June 2018, Julie Wynne will speak on Innovative Humanitarian Finance, along with Simon Brunschwig, General Counsel, International Committee of the Red  Cross (ICRC) and Andrea E. Stumpf, Managing Director, Structured Partnerships. The table talk will discuss how investments in fragile states are more and more expected to go beyond immediate relief and enable sustained provision of peacebuilding or economic outcomes. Those investments require a significant up-front capital commitment and a multiyear timeline. This table talk will explore new types of innovative blended finance mechanisms to deliver financial support to humanitarian action and development by mobilising private capital flows and helping to finance projects that would not otherwise receive private capital by apportioning risk and returns between the various stakeholders.

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