Julie Wynne - Round table discussion of Equality Commission at the University of Geneva

13. März 2019

Julie Wynne, Froriep partner, will be participating at a round table discussion on 17 April 2019 at the University of Geneva at an event organised by the Equality Commission of the Faculty of Law.

 Important transformations are changing the face of the legal professions and the legal careers in Western liberal states. Legal services to corporate clients appear to be increasingly globalised, with an impact on career opportunities.

The Fonds National Suisse (FNS) founded a research «Gendered Globalization of the Legal Profession» that analyses how young male and female lawyers balance work and family obligations, and whether organisational changes in the legal profession affect their ability to pursue their career and family objectives. The focushas been designed to analyse the factors potentially affecting the dynamics of the legal professions.

The Equality Commission of the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva is organising a presentation of the results of the research project on 17 April 2019 followed by a round table at Uni Mail. The round table discussion will be held under the title «Ensuring gender equality and work-life balance: analyses and actions». Froriep Partner Julie Wynne will participate at the round table discussion.

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