Julie Wynne speaks on the "Legal Framework for not-for-profit entities" at a Giving Women workshop

09. Mai 2016

FRORIEP partner Julie Wynne will speak about the “Legal Framework for not-for-profit entities (foundations and associations)" on the first Workshop on Governance, organised by Giving Women on Tuesday, 17th May, at 40, Route du Vallon, Chêne Bougeries, from 18h00 to 22h00.

Julie Wynne will share her valuable experience and knowledge on philanthropic organisations and the key differences between the legal status of Associations and Foundations in Switzerland. She will explain how to register your non-profit organisation and to apply for tax exemption. She will also give some insights on the trends in the Swiss philanthropic sector.

In the active part of the workshop and based on the participants' projects, participants will review which legal form would be the most suitable for their organisation and identify the first steps to be taken to set it up.

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