Nicola Benz becomes Managing Partner

02. Januar 2017

Nicola Benz has taken over as Managing Partner of FRORIEP as of 1 January 2017. Catrina Luchsinger Gähwiler, who was Managing Partner from 2012 through the end of 2016, returns to her role as a full-time fee-earning partner of FRORIEP.

Nicola Benz joined FRORIEP in 2002. Working in the Zurich office, she is recognised as a globally leading patent and technology licensing lawyer, as well as a leading practitioner in the field of intellectual property.

As a firm that is deeply committed to the retention and advancement of women attorneys, FRORIEP was the first major commercial law firm in Switzerland to have a female partner and also the first to have a female managing partner. With Nicola Benz now taking the lead, FRORIEP is now the first commercial law firm to have appointed a female successor to a female managing partner.

The change is effective as per 1 January 2017.