The Froriep litigation team takes care of both civil and criminal cases and is equally experienced in acting in an offensive or a defensive capacity. We have a deep understanding of the commercial and personal grounds for court proceedings and their potential repercussions for a client. This understanding drives us to find practical solutions where we can, and to hit hard where we have to.

Wherever our clients’ rights and decisions have to be enforced or defended nationally or internationally, the members of our litigation team are called in. We have three offices in Switzerland, and so are in a position to act locally in all of Switzerland’s regions and in all Swiss courts, up to the highest level. We have an excellent track record in litigation for individuals, corporations and public entities, including in 2012 the largest single settlement ever awarded in a Swiss civil court in a banking matter.

All of our litigators are highly specialised but also active in other fields of law. The diverse cultural and educational backgrounds of the team members, and their broad experience, ensure that their understanding of our clients’ needs is always excellent.

International judicial assistance or transnational litigation in both civil and criminal matters forms a significant and growing part of our litigation team’s activities. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of the procedural instruments involved, guaranteeing our clients reliable and efficient advice. And our academic grounding allows us to be at the forefront of the new and complex legal issues emerging in the transnational legal world.

The litigation team members regularly and successfully represent our clients in time-critical ex parte proceedings, where provisional measures and decisions without a hearing of the counterparty are either sought, or sought to be prevented. Here, the team has repeatedly proven its ability to deliver results, working highly efficiently within the shortest of time limits.

Our practice in criminal law cases is mainly focused on white-collar crime, including issues of money laundering and its prevention, corporate crime prevention in general, the criminal liabilities of corporate directors and board members and, in relation to regulators, work to ensure that reputational risks are minimised.

Q: How does Froriep safeguard the interests of its clients?

A: “At every major step in litigation, there are turning points. Do we negotiate now? Do we settle now? Do we appeal? Especially in a long litigation, we will re-address all the issues repeatedly to be sure it’s the right course of action for our client.”

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Romy, Partner

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