Julie Wynne speaker at the CAGI conference on key developments relating to the legal and regulatory issues that affect NGOs

28 March 2018

Organised by the NGO Service of the Geneva Welcome Center on Tuesday 17 April 2018, this legal update aims to provide an opportunity for international NGO representatives to hear from and engage with lawyers on key legal topics faced by Geneva based international NGOs. This free event takes the form of a public conference followed by two rounds of parallel workshops. Each workshop will be run by an expert and will host a maximum of 15 people, allowing participants to interact and share their experience. The event will be held in English without translation. This event is supported by TrustLaw, the global legal pro bono service of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and four Geneva based law firms. On this occasion, Trust Law's structuring guide for NGO's and Social Entrepreneurs in Switzerland will be presented by its authors.

Legal Update for Geneva based international NGOs.


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