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Marcel R. Jung speaker at the Steuerforum Liechtenstein 2018 29.08.2018 – International and European Tax Policy: OECD | EU

07 August 2018

Froriep Partner Marcel R. Jung to speak about Business Tax Reform III and implementation of International and European Tax Standards (OECD-BEPS Actio…

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Nicola Benz panelist on INTA and IAPP Webinar 17.7.2018 - Brand and Trust under GDPR

12 July 2018

Nicola Benz panelist at the Webinar "Privacy and Goodwill: The New Risks and Rewards for Branding and Trust under the GDPR".  As part of INTA’s continui…

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Sabina Schellenberg speaker at the Bodensee-Forum on 4 July 2018

02 July 2018

Sabina Schellenberg speaking about "Vollstreckung und Forderungen ausländischer Insolvenzverwalter und anderer Gläubiger in der Schweiz" at the Boden…

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Jean Marguerat speaker at the ASA NYIAC Joint Conference on 28 June 2018

26 June 2018

Jean Marguerat is speaking at the ASA and NYAIC Joint Conference in Geneva on "Comparing the arbitral seats and legal regimes of Geneva and New York"…

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Julie Wynne speaker at the IILWG and Grunin Center Conference

29 May 2018

Julie Wynne will participate on 5 and 6 June 2018 in New York as speaker to the Impact Investing Legal Working Group (IILWG)/Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrep…

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Julie Wynne speaker at the ESELA conference in Milan

01 May 2018

Julie Wynne will chair on 4 May 2018 in Milan a panel on "Building Legal Practitioner Networks and Legal Education" with Nicholas Glicher (Trust Law), Aaron Bourke&…

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Julie Wynne speaker at the CAGI conference on key developments relating to the legal and regulatory issues that affect NGOs

28 March 2018

Organised by the NGO Service of the Geneva Welcome Center on Tuesday 17 April 2018, this legal update aims to provide an opportunity for international NGO represent…

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Dimitry A. Pentsov is speaking at the Russian Arbitration Day

28 March 2018

Dimitry A. Pentsov is speaking at the Russian Arbitration Day in Moscow on "Development of International Sports Law in Decisions of the CAS and the Swiss Federal Tr…

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Franz Stirnimann speaker at the IV Open de Arbitraje Conference

22 March 2018

Franz Stirnimann to speak on current issues relating to independence of arbitrators at this year's "Open de Arbitraje" on 10 May 2018 in Madrid, one of the pri…

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Dmitry A. Pentsov and Franz X. Stirnimann speakers at the panel "Swiss/American Perspectives on Procedural Tools in Aid of Arbitration"

19 March 2018

Froriep Partners Dmitry A. Pentsov and Franz X. Stirnimann will be speakers at the panel "Swiss/American Perspectives on Procedural tools in Aid of A…

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