Talks & Lectures | 22 Oct 2019

Julie Wynne and Cornelia Mattig speaker at the Giving Women Workshop | 28 October 2019

Julie Wynne, FRORIEP partner, and Cornelia Mattig, associate, will be speakers at the first fall workshop on “Association vs Foundation – What’s the difference in Swiss law?” organised by Giving Women. You will learn key features of non-profit organisations, as well as how to apply for tax exemption, the duties of the Board and to which reporting obligations these organisations are subject.

Register now and learn all you need to know about the establishment process for nonprofit organisations in Switzerland, the minimum starting capital, the structures availables and obligations of the Board.

Julie Wynne is a highly regarded charity lawyer with a particular expertise in social entrepreneurship and B Corps. She advises non-profit organisations, B Corps and social enterprises for their set-up and tax issues and assists them with mergers, reorganizations, joint ventures and other forms of collaborative working, as well as constitutional reviews. In addition, she regularly provides advices on grant-making, fundraising, corporate philanthropy and governance. Julie is a partner at Froriep and a member of the Executive Committee of Giving Women.

Cornelia Mattig specialises in data protection and intellectual property law, as well as corporate and commercial law issues. She joined FRORIEP as an associate in 2018. Having trained with firms in Ireland, Germany and Switzerland, as well as with the District Court of March in the Canton of Schwyz.


  • Date: Monday, 28 October 2019
  • Time: 6.00 pm until 9 pm
  • Venue: Chemin de Grange-Canal 34 | 1224 Geneva
  • Registration: by Friday, 25 October 2019 here
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