Expertise in Art and Cultural Heritage

Art Law

Froriep's Art Law practice is advising parties on all legal aspects relating to the art market, international transactions in works of art, cultural property, artists and museums.

Familiar with the mechanisms of the art market, our Art Law Team represents auction houses, museums, artists and their estates, collectors, galleries, cultural public institutions and art and antiquities dealers.  We regularly advise on art transactions, including on matters related to the authentication, appraisal and provenance of works of art and cultural property, the cross-border movement of art, copyright, museum contracts, tax, and e-commerce. The scope of our practice extends from private collections to national heritage and public collections.

We also assist high-net worth individuals, estates and charities on all their art-related tax, commercial and intellectual property matters.

Our Art Law Team has lectured and actively participated in international conferences in the field of art and cultural heritage law.

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