Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, sharing economy and crowdfunding, e-payments, internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing. These are just some of the promising and disruptive ideas and innovations for which we have advised and are advising on legal aspects and the regulatory environment. 

Digital Economy

We advise our clients with regard to the development and implementation of disruptive technologies and the related consequences for digital commerce. In our legal practice we act for young innovative start-ups through to seasoned professionals looking into new investment possibilities and strategies, those developing the infrastructure for new business models and those with the revolutionary business ideas.

Interdisciplinary Team for Blockchain and other Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies require a multi-disciplinary legal approach and so we have put together an agile team of specialists from our banking, regulatory, tax, corporate, intellectual property, technology and data protection groups, all with a passion for what is new and a focus on delivering the legal advice to accompany it.

With a strong background in banking law, we are particularly active in advising on Blockchain matters. We offer corporate law and notarial services for the establishment of the appropriate legal entity as well as contractual and regulatory advice with regard to the structuring of digital products. Our tax experts will point out the tax implications of any structure and our data protection group will pilot the project through privacy compliance. Together with our cooperation partner, Rentsch Partner, we are in a position to efficiently protect and defend the intellectual property rights to any innovation, including assistance with patent applications worldwide.

Our team members regularly speak, publish and blog on legal topics related to disruptive technologies including banking law, data protection law, intellectual property and tax law.

Blockchain Technology and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's)

Our interdisciplinary practice group is active in analysing the technology and the legal aspects relating to blockchain and the tokenisation of membership rights, equity rights and claims. We are in close contact with the Swiss regulator FINMA to remain at the forefront of the legal developments. We are able to assist in structuring business models based on the blockchain technology, ranging from dealing with cryptocurrencies to the initial offering of coins / tokens (ICO).

We will ensure that the terms and conditions drafted for ICO’s fulfil high standards of transparency for investors and our capital markets lawyers will ensure compliance with prospectus requirements where necessary. Our tax experts will point out the tax implications of any given structure, in particular in relation to utility tokens where tax aspects are very important. Our banking lawyers are qualified to seek licenses from FINMA if this is required.

As legal partners of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland we have access to a wide network of service providers involved in the growing crypto market, such as coding smart contracts, audit of smart contracts or the cooperation with exchangers adhering to Swiss AML standards. With our Zug offices, we are physically present in the heart of Crypto Valley. And we are one of the first law firms in Switzerland to accept Bitcoins as payment for our fees.

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