Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

The Froriep IP team can demonstrate an outstanding track record of innovative and sometimes pioneering thinking, applying their knowledge and expertise to find the best solutions on a client’s behalf.

Our clients’ intellectual property is often of very significant value. We have developed a team with the knowledge base and expertise to help our clients make the most out of these valuable assets.

The industries of our key clients range from luxury goods and medical devices to pharmaceuticals, IT/software, media and financial services. Our team members work closely with clients to understand their industry and their business needs, in some cases through secondments.

We believe in advising our clients on a proper IP strategy. This includes structuring their IP portfolio as well as choosing the right tools of protection. We file and prosecute trademarks and designs, relying on our strong network of first-class international correspondents.

IP transactions form a significant portion of our IP team’s work. We also regularly and successfully represent our clients in IP and unfair competition litigation and in complex IP-related international arbitrations. Our team is proud to have been the pioneers in some landmark IP court decisions in Switzerland.

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