Notarial Services

Notarial Services

FRORIEP’s in-house civil law notaries, based in Zug, have been a mainstay of our firm since its foundation. Today our civil law notaries provide invaluable support to our clients across a range of services, and can help to simplify and expedite transactional work at critical moments.

Our civil law notaries provide a wide range of services, including notarisation of documents in the context of company law, such as incorporation of companies, capital increases and decreases, amendments of articles of association, mergers, demergers, transfer of assets and liabilities, transformations, as well as certification of signatures and copies of documents. Our civil law notaries also help the private client team to draft and formalise our clients’ marriage agreements, last wills and testaments or inheritance contracts.

In complex and time-critical international transactions, it is a distinct advantage to be able to rely on these notarial capabilities in-house. Our civil law notaries justly pride themselves on their combination of meticulous professional exactness and commercial understanding.

Q: What distinguishes FRORIEP's team of civil law notaries?

A: Not only do we have experience in all business and private client related notarial matters, all our multilingual civil law notaries are also practicing lawyers. This enables us to work seamlessly with FRORIEP'S other practice groups, offering efficient one-stop shop solutions. Our availability and quick response times are crucial to our clients.

L. Mattias Johnson, Partner

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