Working together to benefit every client

Froriep is a truly international practice, with three offices in Switzerland and one each in Spain and the United Kingdom. In those offices our specialists work on a very wide range of practice areas, covering everything from arbitration to technology, media and telecommunications, and from estate planning to every kind of corporate financial legal work.

We speak our clients’ languages

When it comes to practice areas, we know no borders, and the same is true of languages. Our office locations don’t restrict us. We have partners and associates who speak a huge variety of languages, from the usual German, English and French through Spanish, Italian, Russian and Dutch to Danish, Swedish and Hebrew.

Our specialists cater for our clients' needs

We constantly communicate with each other, too. So if the language or specialism a client needs isn’t based at the Froriep office nearest them, we will make sure we find precisely the right person within our network to suit their requirements. We’re a genuinely integrated practice, covering every area of law, with a focus on providing clients with easy and direct access to our specialists.

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