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Overview Trade, Commodities & Export Finance

Froriep’s banking & finance team has the expertise to cover every aspect of financing work for both lenders and borrowers, in addition to offering extensive transactional knowledge. Our clients include banks and other financial services providers and institutions, corporations and funds. We service our clients in all legal questions relating to their business, from banking contracts to complex financing.   

  • We support financial institutions with the implementation of their structural and operational requirements and with the drafting of all legal documentation relating to their internal organisation, business activities and client relationships.
  • Our team advises banks on meeting capital adequacy requirements, be it in connection with holding crypto-assets, entering into cluster risks or creating additional tier 1 or tier 2 capital.
  • Our corporate lending practice covers secured and unsecured credit facilities, ranging from simple bilateral loans to complex syndicated facilities. We regularly deal with acquisition finance transactions, project finance, commodity finance, Islamic finance, real estate finance, and asset finance matters (including aircraft finance).
  • Together with our tax team we assist clients with the withholding tax issues triggered by financings granted to Swiss borrowers, whether on the lenders’ or borrower’s side.
  • We also have extensive knowledge and practice on impact investing and blended finance matters and advise investors and entrepreneurs who aim to make social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns .

Trade, Commodities & Export Finance

Our trade finance team has a proven track record in providing advice across all aspects of trade and commodities financing areas; drawing upon our range of specialists within the firm to advise on:

  • Security over receivables, goods and documents of title
  • Receivables, purchase and supply chain finance, including true sale analysis
  • Export credits, political and risk insurance (SERV)
  • Letters of credit, performance bonds and bills of exchange
  • Pre-payment financing
  • Take-or-pay, off-take financings
  • Policies and regulatory matters pertaining to commodities, derivative and futures markets, etc.
  • Immunity, sanctions, export controls and other sovereign issues

We assist all participants within this market, in particular banks, alternative financiers and commodity trading companies and benefit from the experience of some of our team members as in-house counsel or traders in soft and hard commodities.

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What do we do?

We work in a spirit of openness and collaboration to put our best resources at every client’s disposal.