Froriep’s start-up team guides emerging companies in a wide range of industries. We think like our clients think, providing advice that is pragmatic, tailored and cost-effective. We see ourselves as part of your team and provide company executives and managers with a single point of accountability for substantially all their legal needs.

  • Our team has a deep understanding of industry-specific factors that are relevant on how companies are formed, financed, grown and taken public or merged.
  • Emerging companies’ are important to us. We therefore always advise with top-flight attorneys and treat emerging companies with the same care as our other clients.
  • Our team’s interdisciplinary approach—which encompasses deep expertise in areas such as governance, technology, life sciences, financial services regulation, banking & finance, employment, tax, real estate and M&A – enables us to serve as a strategic advisor through each stage of a private company’s growth.
  • Our specialists guide clients on business model issues, fundraising strategy and development of quality investor materials suitable for meaningful evaluation.
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Where do we work?
We are Swiss-oriented but think internationally, to serve the needs of our clients wherever they arise.