Froriep repesents Swiss Foundation Orphanbiotec

The charitable Swiss Foundation Orphanbiotec and the company with the same name work towards the development and the implementation of new medications for Rare Diseases. The foundation acts as a cooperation partner within a sustainable Social Hybrid-Business-Model with the goal to gain more knowledge about Rare & Neglected Diseases. The Foundation supports research and development of new Orphan Drugs in the form of kick-off financing. The Foundation's Competence-Network is a choosen community of engaged entities and organisations, pioneering together the support of Rare Diseases.

In November 2012 Froriep Renggli became Orphanbiotec's exclusive legal partner and contributes with its legal advice in the field of intellectual property toward the partners' goals. Froriep Renggli in particular supported its partner in negotiations with Zurich University regarding the development of a new drug aimed to fight gastric cancer.