Plusieurs avocats de FRORIEP qualifiés comme experts dans l'édition 2017 de Who is Who Legal

22 juin 2017

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que les avocats Froriep suivants ont été nommés experts dans les 9 domaines de pratique ci-dessous:


Jean Marguerat - WWL écrit qu'il est "insightful and effective as counsel" with wide-ranging experience, and is a highly regarded and experienced arbitration counsel and arbitrator.

Franz Stirnimann Fuentes - WWL écrit: peers do not hesitate to recommend Franz Stirnimann Fuentes for his sharp mind and skilful approach to international commercial arbitrations, and that sources strongly recommend him thanks to his “intelligent and hardworking manner” and his ability to “process and simplify complex ideas”.

Jean-Marie Vulliemin - WWL écrit: he receives extensive praise for his ability to "put forward arguments in an efficient and clear way".

 Asset Recovery

Jérôme de Montmollin

Jean Marguerat - WWL le décrit comme “brilliant” practitioner, internationally recognised for his superb expertise in the field.


Isabelle Romy - WWL dit: According to sources, Isabelle Romy "is one of the best practitioners in Switzerland on environmental legal issues".

Private Client 

Oliver Arter
Bruno W. Boesch
Eric Haymann

Sports & Entertainment

Lucien W. Valloni

Telecommunications Media & Technology

Nicola Benz


Nicola Benz


Felix Mathis